Order Anywhere, Anytime.

Life is busy. We wake up, go to work, cook, clean, look after pets and children just to wake up and do it all over again. With so many responsibilities, it is hard to make it to the local Farmers Market on Saturdays to pick up food for brunch on Sunday. At Bakewell, we know how busy our loving customers can be. So, we have tried to make things a little easier.

We have created a new website so our quiche loving customers can order quiche from anywhere, at any time, to have shipped right to their doorstep. To get around the cost of shipping, the option to order and pick up at our store front at a time that works best for them. The website is great for in the winter when most Farmers Markets are closed for the season because it makes it possible for our quiche to be available all year round.

Ordering is very simple. Photos are provided so the customer can get a real feel for which quiche would suit their palette the best. Sometimes, there are even special online only flavors. Serving suggestions and the ingredients are also provided if a customer is looking to serve many. A list of our sweet treats like Bakewell tarts and brownies are also on the website and available to order.

Life is busy, so we are here to make life easier.

A Beautiful Crust

“The crust is my favorite part!”

This is what we hear our customers exclaim multiple times a day while at market on Saturdays. Our crust is the perfect mix of buttery and flaky goodness that melts in your mouth with every bite. You may ask for our recipe, but that is a secret. What we can show you is how it is prepared from mixer to ring.

First things first, the dough has to be made. Our expert dough girls mix flour, butter, and other yummy ingredients together in a giant industrial mixer. Large amounts of dough are made at a time because we produce so many quiche per day. After the dough is mixed, it is sectioned in to balls of various sizes to be made into crust.

The crust is made one of two ways depending on the size of quiche it is being made for. If it is being made for our petit or small size, it is dressing into a form using a hydraulic press. This is used because we need hundreds of each of these sizes made each week for our markets. If the crust is being made for a medium or large size quiche, it is hand rolled and formed into a ring.

Here we have some videos showing our best crust maker, Valarie, at work making the crust so many people love.

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