Pleasant Hill Farm

Owner and chef of The Bakewell Company, Erin Hill, hardly imagined while growing up on Pleasant Hill Farm that one day she would own her own company. Erin would pick vegetables to sell along side her parent’s pasture raised chicken, pork and beef. Helping at her parents’ roadside stand laid the foundation for her future. She was in good company to learn about the value of work and rewards of selling fresh food. This season of her life inspired the importance The Bakewell Company places on using in-season ingredients and farm raised meats, a priority that continues today.

Auchterarder, Scotland

European Inspiration has a place on the road to The Bakewell Company.  Erin was able to study abroad at the fine-dining and pastry kitchens of the five-star Gleneagles Hotel in Auchterarder, Scotland. It was here that she learned the basics of the culinary arts, and where she began developing her now famous quiche recipe.

Michigan Markets

Along the road to having a steady presence at area farmers markets, Erin earned a degree in Culinary Arts from Grand Rapids Community College. There she gained experience working in various restaurant kitchens and in bakeries as a pastry chef.  It was around this time that she decided to see how her now established quiche recipe would be received.  She began selling quiche alongside her parents’ chicken, beef, and pork options at the Battle Creek market. In 2010 The Bakewell Company was officially born!